Private libraries

Towards the end of this thread, @Simeon mentioned so-called ‘private’ libraries available in Codea. That is, libraries that are built into Codea, but not considered part of the Codea API. Specifically, he mentioned LuaSocket and LPEG. Are there others?

According to Simeon on discord privately:

there's a couple, i think it's just luasocket and lpeg mainly
everything else is exposed by default, but i left those there for people who were happy to find them without documentation

Documentation for LPEG is here.

Are there any other libraries people want included?

@Simeon Do you have a list of libraries that can be used with Codea.

I like some of these:

@dave1707 you can write your own libraries, but codea needs to have them preinstalled before unpacking. I’d generally suggest: @Simeon: instead of downloading all packages with codea, i’d suggest being able to select which ones you want to have. Then you can post-download them.

@Anatoly - can you explain post downloading libraries. Would it be possible from a Codea project or does it need to be immediately after Codea installation?

@Bri_G I basically suggest: When codea will be downloaded you can have inside codea addons that could be installed via inside-installer. So you install codea, go to the new addons tab, and click the ‘install’ near to the library that you need, e.g. lpeg, codea downloads them and allows to use them. Basically how textures currently had been: You firstly install all the textures before using, but codea won’t do it automatically

@Anatoly - that sounds promising, a little like dependencies. I hope that gets included in future versions. Thanks.