Private iPhone app

Hi guys, it’s me again…

I think I already know the answer… but does anyone know if there’s a way to create an app in codea, and put it on your iphone without publishing it? I’m making an app I could really use on my iphone, but I don’t want to publish it, which would be silly since I’m really the only one who’d use it

The answer is probably no… but in this case… does anyone know a method of doing this without codea?
(preferably a method that lets you run the app without internet connection)

Thanks in advance, Stevon8ter

Apparently, in iOS 9, you can use testflight without the $99 OS dev account (read that somewhere, don’t know if that’s confirmed). So you could use that to put your app on to your other devices without publishing them (you’d need a Mac with XCode). I think testflight apps expire every 30 days so you’d have to renew your app every month.

Best wait too until someone gets a chance to test Codea on iOS 9.

I do hope TLL are considering a Universal version of Codea, I think it would be invaluable for building/ testing iPhone apps. Especially now with these large screen iPhones.

Yeah a universal app would be really useful.
I don’t think alot of people would use it to code on, but it would be very handy to test code on indeed. I’d be willing to pay extra if they’d decide to make it a seperate app tho.

I don’t think anything like that will happen soon tho.

As for iOS 9, thx for the tip, I’ll be following that closely and see what happens with it

maybe TLL will bring out something exciting, after the iPad Pro came out in stores … who knows…

@se24vad maybe :wink:

for those interested, the route I decided to go for now is html5 + js, and storing it in the cache, as iOS allows this. This isn’t the most optimal solution, but it works for a small utilty app

Personally I think Codea on iPhone is a no-brainer. What’s the size of the install base compared to the iPad? x10?

With Xcode 7 (should be out in a week or two) you are able to install your apps without a dev account.

@yojimbo2000 They updated the FAQ around the start of 2015 to say that an iPhone version is in progress :smiley: maybe that’s the reason for the lack of betas.

@SkyTheCoder the question however is: is it only for iphone 6, or will it be an all-iphone version? :stuck_out_tongue:

@stevon8ter I’m not sure if you even can limit an app to just one device, it would have to be iOS 7+, though, I think.

In XCode, of course, you can limit an app to “families” and the Codea runtime works fine on the iPhone. So, with careful planning, you can write an iPhone-only app right now (several apps out there are universal, including my own increasingly-lame by comparison, ScramWords).

I’m not sure about the non-developer use, but if you are willing to put out the $99 for a dev account, you can certainly use TestFlight to push out apps to select people. They’ve made it a lot easier to do so and increased the pool size consistently. I’m using it now to test versions of Sked scheduling & shift line-up app, and through 8 builds testflight has always delivered the new version notice within a couple of hours.

Unless I’m missing something - all you need to do is export the project and then build it in xCode, you can then just deploy it to your own phone.

You WILL need a Mac and a free iOS developer account from Apple, but once you’ve got xCode installed the actual process of generating all the necessary key’s is fairly straightforward and xCode will do most of it for you.

The only thing to remember when developing your own app is that the WIDTH and HEIGHT returned by the Codea runtime on your phone will be different to the iPad so on an iPhone 4(S) it will be 320x480 going up to 360x640 for 6+.

The best bet is to create your own local copy of WIDTH & HEIGHT (ie _W and _H) and then whilst dev’ing on your iPad just set them to the required size and then base all your positioning as proportional to these values and you should be fine eg.

   local buttonX = _W * 0.5    -- Center the button 

Worked for me - bingo instant responsive app. :slight_smile:

@TechDojo I thought that currently you need the $99 account to push it to your phone? When I tried this, I couldn’t push it to the phone without it being signed, and you can currently only sign it with the $99 account. I’d be very happy to be proven wrong though. (but this will change by the end of the month with Xcode 7/ iOS 9 / OS X.11)

I thought this had already been pushed out to developers - I had a mail about it from Apple months ago (although I do have a $99 dev account)

@SkyTheCoder with private app I just mean an app that wouldn’t be pushed to the appstore, but directly onto my iphone

@mark well I’m not willing to pay 99$ just yet, especially not for this thing xD

@TechDojo yeah once xcode 7 comes out, this should be possible I think?

thanks for the advice everyone, but as I said, until any of these things actually become possible, I’ll be making this in html5 and javascript, it’s not that much harder, and it works, so yeah, should be good enough for now

@stevon8ter I know, I meant I didn’t know if it was possible to limit it to one iDevice type, like only iPhone 6’s, or only iPad Airs and iPad Air 2s.