Please support the iPod touch

As had been discussed in the beginning of Codea, we thought an app like Codea would be awkward to be used in iPod touch or iPhone form factor. I agreed with such opinion as well. But as I see more young people using iPod touch and how they become so familiar with the device, e.g. they type faster and more accurate on iPod’s screen keyboard than me using iPad’s screen keyboard, I think such opinion no longer stand. I think they have adapted to current technology better then we do (the elder people).

Nowadays, I can say iPod touch is like become the first computer for the youth. They use it for entertainment (music, video, and gaming, also for social media interaction) as well as for study (read books, search for literature using internet, learning tools, etc). Then I can see the potential of Codea in the device. Thus, here is the request to 2LL to make Codea fully supports iPod touch, not just as a player.

What do you think?

I’m still designing Codea for iPhone / iPod touch. I agree that it could work.

The main thing I’m fighting with at the moment is how to allow for parameter sliders and console output in the render view. It’s a tricky design issue.

Edit: I’ll also need to make specific iPhone-sized examples.

Thank you, Simeon. Knowing you have been working on it is already a good news to me. Because I see youth people much prefer to get iPod touch rather than iPad, perhaps due its mobility and price.

If I allowed to contribute some ideas… param sliders and console output can be made as hidden window which will be shown by tapping a semi-transparent button on the top-left corner. About the examples, I think some of the current examples can be modified to fit iPhone-sized.

.@bee some of them can be modified, that’s true.

One of the important things for me, with regards to the parameter sliders, is that the scene is visible as you drag the slider. I’ll have to think about how best to achieve this.

.@Simeon @bee I’m trying to make my app universal, and if you need, you could always use it for an example. Not sure if that is what your looking for though. I’ll try to upload an example of my game.

edit: here’s a video of my current progress.

Right now, I’m trying to make an intuitive how to screen

.@simeon for instance you could make the parameters an print console backgound trandparent, and disable the touch() on the normal display? (i know you already knew, but just in case…)

.@Jmv38 that’s one option I was considering. I’m also thinking about having the bottom third of the screen dedicated to parameters/output in portrait and left third in landscape.

.@veeeralp that looks fantastic, really well chosen colours and simple design. I like it.