please provide multiple rows of tabs

when you get more tabs than can fit across the screen, scrolling is difficult and time consuming. please allow for more than one row, at least on big-screen devices. thanks!

This is getting completely revamped soon, totally agree on it being difficult for large projects.

The new design will use a sidebar with hierarchical folders, files and assets, as well as a quick open type feature for typing the name of the file (with fuzzy matching) that you want to navigate to

mmm, nice, i like fuzzy things :slight_smile: thanks!

@Simeon Oh wow, that sounds great! Any chance we can get code-folding for methods, if-statements, etc.? I know Codea highlights the if-statement an “end” belongs to. But sometimes it would be great to just hide certain parts to reduce complexity in larger if-statements and larger files in general.