Plea for the website

Hi All,

Don’t know if it’s just me but I find many of the websites produced nowadays to be unfriendly. It goes beyond websites but let’s stick to this gripe, it stems from the move from real icons to flat uninteresting graphics offered by website developers. Accompanying these was a tendency to use similar colours with little contrast which makes it difficult to read websites at times. Not in keeping with the Accessibility requirements which were hammered into me on my web design course.

My main gripe is that the buttons on the Codea site have a white on a pale green button colour in thin typeface. I have to zoom to read what each buttons function is. My old eyes aren’t up to it nowadays.

Any chance we could improve the contrast?

you know you can upscale the ipad ui right @dave1707 ? :smile:

@Bri_G I have to agree with you. I have a stronger pair of glasses I use just for the iPad than the glasses I use for normal reading. That helps me.