Pixel plotting/access


First of all, great app!

It would be cool to have access to pixel plotting or direct access to the frame buffer. Take a look how it’s done in Processing: http://processing.org/reference/loadPixels_.html

If implemented I could really use this app in my work doing procedural shader prototyping on the go!

Best Regards,

Max Persson


If Codify really wants to be the Processing of Lua on iOS, there are still many features need to be provided on the next version. :slight_smile:



True, it’s something I want as well. I suspect, however, that iterating over a large image or even every pixel on the screen could potentially be quite slow in Lua on iPad.

Definitely something that will be explored.

Sure it will not be the fastest. But at least for me that doesn’t matter as I only want to use it as a canvas to paint procedural patterns.

Also thinking about it and how it’s done in Processing, there is a command for only drawing to screen once. That would be very useful together with the pixel plotting in my case.

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Good point, Max. It sounds worthwhile when you put it like that.

I wonder if having access to pixel shaders would make this feasible. The new (unreleased 0.8) version of love2d has a cross compiler that takes simple effect code and outputs glsl. I don’t know how well documented this is, but you can take a look at the start of it here: https://bitbucket.org/vrld/love-glsl and http://love2d.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3733

I think that this would only work in post processing, and you wouldn’t easily be able to get pixel values, just set them. So maybe not the most processing approach, more like gamemakers surfaces.

It would be cool to have pixel shaders in Codify but I wonder if it defeats some of that “simplicity” that influences the app…