pimp my print - debug with breakpoint

Hi all,

A small util to insert breakpoint in your code. It’s shared on CC.

The principle is simple, put breakpoint with --@ where you want to pause the code execution and tap once to resume. If the breakpoint is in front of a function or loop decalaration, the bloc and its nested will be steped line by line. The project is in early state. Any feedback and suggestion appreciated. Enjoy…or not :stuck_out_tongue:

@toffer that is super useful, you are a Jedi Master.

@toffer looks great!

I haven’t tried it yet, but great job! Can’t wait to try it!

@toffer, sounds really useful. Love the title too :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to give it a try

@toffer it’s added to my standard debug library :slight_smile:

Thank’s all. @Briarfox I’m honored :slight_smile: It is still unstable when parsing ‘fancy’ formatted code. I’ve started a hook system to plug custom behaviors, it might be convenient.

@toffer looking forward to it.