Physics Joints Collisions

Recently as some of you may have noticed, I have been working with physics a great deal. I just started joints, and I was wondering if there was any way to disable collisions for objects that are indirectly connected together? I.E. I have a rectangle connected to another rectangle via a WELD joint, and another rectangle connected to the second rectangle via a rotating joint. Is there any way to make is so that the first rectangle does not collide with the last? Thank you!

@TheSolderKing look into the categories and mask fields on physics.body

(Edit: speaking of which, we should upgrade this API to use bit masks now that integers are native in Lua)

@Simeon you never responded to my post about making the box2d property collideConnected available within codea. In a project i am working on i would like that the jointed objects do collide with each other.

Sorry @piinthesky, I must have forgotten. Can you log that one on the issue tracker? That will ensure I get around to it.

toadkick had already added a ticket, but i don’t think it is fixed yet.

See also this thread

@Simeon I’m in need of this functionality too. As @John said on Issue tracker:

Due to the way Box2D works this won't be settable on joints after they are created but there will be an option in the constructor.

I assume he means it will be an extra option within the physics.joint function?

Thanks @piinthesky, @Luatee, will see if we can add this soon.