Personal Templates

I wish I were allowed to edit the new class template to make it more to my liking. Seems it could be put in a place where one could do that …

Just a thought …

@RonJeffries - in just curious, what features of a template do you want added that you can’t put in yourself?

I didn’t mean the starting project templates, I mean the canned code you get with New Class. I’d like to be able to edit New Class, or have one of my own.

@Bri_G When you’re in a project and tap the DO at the upper right, the drop down New Class that creates a new tab class is what I think he wants to be able to change to be what he wants.


@RonJeffries @dave1707 - my apologies, thought it was the default templates which you can edit.

But, you didn’t answer my question - what other features of the Class Template would you like to add?

I’d include the shell of a test set, remove the stupid comments, and probably the default methods other than init, where I’d not say (x). Probably, if I could, put a class name comment in the top line, and – RJ 20220405 date in the second. But substitutions is probably too much to hope for.

@ronjeffries - sounds like a sound idea and a reasonable request. Being able to select a few default class templates could be useful. Save a lot of time and aid consistency.

Should be easy enough for @Simeon to allow code in the Templetes folder to select which code gets used when doing a New Class.

@dave1707 @RonJeffries - tried setting up a template with code in and save it as a template the reload from templates list. Didn’t add any additional functions just tried to see if it would load. It did. File attached. Install it, duplicate it and save one as the template then load from that named template.

Edit: added second file to check added function called, note just tested in the Class tab itself.

@Bri_G Is that in the Templates folder when you Create New for projects. If that’s where it is then that won’t work if you already have an open project with other tabs and you want to add a new class tab.

@dave1707 - I thought that the need was a new basic template, with relevant improvements to start a project, not to add a template tab to an existing tab. You already have the ability to copy and paste tabs into new projects and - even better - the ability to add libraries (dependencies) to your project.

No. I can and do do that. I want new personal templates in the New Class pull down.