Penguin Breakout available on the appstore!

Thanks to Codea’s marvelous game engine Penguin Breakout is available on the app store!

120 levels of wrist twisting challenges and brain blowing puzzles (quite a pitch :wink: )

It’s a mix between 15-puzzle and labyrinth with cute graphics.

Here is a preview:

And the website:

PS: A “lite” free version with only 30 levels (one season) is on its way…

looks really nice. will get the free version to try though I’m certainly interested in buying it based just off of this preview

Thanks a lot!

The free version is about to be submitted. I’ll update the thread updated once it is available.

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Did you put the YouTube video in an image tag? Every time I open the thread it redirects me to the YouTube app (and no video appears).

@NatTheCoder : Images were crafted with illustrator and the game was slowly coded with a lot of patience in the subway. :slight_smile: We had to use several tricks to get a satisfactory performance (animations offset are done in shaders, had to use texture packer, etc…).

@SkyTheCoder: Sorry I am completely new to the forum, I first used the old embed with an object tag. Then I tried pasting directly the youtube url. What is the best way ? Thanks

@oddcorrado The usual way we post videos is by pasting the URL.

P.S. The game looks fun, I’ll have to try the lite version when it comes out (I’m a kid, no job, no money :()

The user and all related content has been deleted.

Hello, the free version is now available :

Don’t hesitate to share a review if you like it! Thanks!

@oddcorrado, really nice game! Great work. The two feedbacks I have are: 1) The text can sometimes be a little hard to read and 2) The messages fly away before I can finish reading them.


I think we won’t use so many texts for the next game :slight_smile:

Hello Codears ! (i.e. dear codea coders)

Penguin breakout has been updated, with a smoother progression curve (and less texts everywhere).

And most important : the full version is free today with 4 seasons mind twisting puzzles. If anyone makes it to season 4 level 15 tell me :wink: !

You can get it here:


PS: If you can leave a rating in the appstore that would be highly appreciated!

I got full version free I will rate it 5/5 Reeally Fun And Has Cool Graphics

I rated it my name is Khayer
Please add more diffrent penguin types it’s really fun!