Particle Emitter Studio

Update of Javier Moral’s work from 2012. Provides an application and class to create particle emitters. Great for explosions, star fields, smoke, etc.

Awesome! Nice icon too.

Setting Life_Variation to 26 or more causes a crash.

Yeah, probably some other issues as well… thanks for the info! Code is on GitHub

@UberGoober, fixed on GitHub… and the upload here.

awesome, thanks for this! i was going to try and implement this other code i found here but it looks like this project covers all the basics

@krdavis I changed the look of the buttons to be more to my taste. Feel free to ignore. If you like these better feel free to use them too.

@UberGoober I’ll look at it…

@UberGoober I moved my buttons to the side as well… left them blue as I am partial to it :smiley: