any suggestions or ideas for use or implement in the code … thanks

A Question:
for some reason when I record from codea panels show no multiple colors that should show when I run the algorithm usually


the code:

i use ipad 1 , but i dont’t understand the problem

What’s it supposed to do, and could you explain the question a bit more?

when recording from codea , the square panels do not show the colors as in the photo to place. @SkyTheCoder

I have no idea why. I see the problem, though…

When Codea recording doesn’t work properly, I use the Reflector app that records the whole iPad screen on your PC or Mac. It’s a bit expensive, though.

but above and recorded several videos and does not happen @ignatz , but I understand

I think that the colours are there. If I look at one of the rotating sprites then it seems to get tinted in different squares. So I think it might be that the compression is whiting-out the colours. They are quite subtle colours, so try again with strong colours and see if you get the same effect.

you mean the color of the panels? because I rotate the sprite with fade, but maybe you’re right, I will try strong colors


Is the math.random the problem ? @Andrew_Stacey

Working perfect with strong color but clearly is not image why not use it

Andrew is saying that Codea compresses the recordings you take so it doesn’t fill up your iPad’s memory too fast. He means there’s a glitch in the compression algorithm that removes some of the colors.

It’s not your code, it’s Codea.