Pacman installer?

Has anyone made a installer for the Pacman game?

or does anyone have a workable pacman game to share

If you don’t want to copy the code, you could always write one yourself. There are what, 12 files you need to copy. You could have copied them by now and played the game several times.

sorry I meant to update post. I have already copy and pasted to Codea but with no luck, nothing happens. I was wondering if anybody has a version that does work

I asked for an installer because I thought I was doing something wrong when copy and paste didn’t work

What didn’t work. I wrote the installer and when I ran the game, there was one line that had an error. When I fixed that line, the pacman game worked. The startup music played, but there were no other sounds as the game played. So I’m not sure what’s missing in the game. There’s still more that I have to do to the installer to make it easier.

I copied all the files and put them into a blank Codea project, when ran nothing at all happened. I don’t know if my device is messing up or what? I’m on iPad mini 3

I’m off to bed. I’ll work more on the installer tomorrow and post it.

Ok, thanks a lot Dave! Sorry that I came across as lazy and just asking someone to do my work for me.

@EvanDavis Here’s an installer. It’s not completely automatic, but it gets the job done. Run this code and the pacman code will be copied to the pasteboard. When complete, exit this program and create a new project. Get rid of the default code and do a paste. You should have about 2300 lines of code. Then you need to search for TOKEN_ACCIDENTAL = “[_=\^]” and comment it out because it causes an error. Pacman should run, but I don’t think it runs right. Swipe up/down/right/left to control the character.

EDIT: Corrected an error in the installer code.

function setup()

function draw()
    if getFile and cnt<=#tab then
    elseif cnt>#tab and not done then
        print("copy complete  "..#str.." characters.") 
        print("pasteboard now contains the code.")

function didGetData(data)
    print(tab[cnt],"Copied to the pasteboard.")

function fail()
    print("Failed. Please check the connection of Internet and try again.")