Output PDF

newbie alert!!!

I’d like to use Codea to output to a pdf file for emailing, is this possible?

Searched forums but can’t find anything

Thanks for any assistance.

@Batninja - Short answer is no, unless you write your own.

You might find some Lua code (Lua being the language behind Codea) on the internet to write a PDF, if you were lucky, and if you did, it may be possible to make it work in Codea.

@Batninja - I’d take a look at Pythonista (an iOS implementation of Python).

I think its a more appropriate tool for doing this sort of thing. Might be worth doing a shout-out on their forum (http://omz-forums.appspot.com/pythonista) to see if anyone has done anything similar. :wink:

Thanks for the replies and advice :slight_smile: