Option to reposition tabs

This may not be much of a big deal or anything but I would love it if there was an option for tabs to be place aside from the text editor rather than on top

That would all depend on whether the screen was in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, there’s more room with the tabs at the top. In landscape mode, there would be more room with the tabs on the side. I always use portrait mode, so the tabs on top are just fine.

agree with @NewToonie for these reasons:

I am always rearranging tabs because my scrolling move is too slow and many times I don’t realize the change.

How about a three bar icon in the upper left corner that when tapped shows a vertical menu of tabs with scrolling if too many tabs.

Allow reordering of tabs if tap an edit button then drag the standard three line icon to right of tab name to the new position. Much safer and can get a line or two more source on the screen.

Most of my projects have too many tabs to fit across the top in portrait mode. Keyboard takes up too much room in landscape.

Great product love the new listProjects()

I like the list of tabs on the side as an option. Will explore that when I approach making the code editor universal.