OpenGL and Shader links/Literature

Hi All,

If you are like me - Codea was moving along at a nice pace (i.e. one which I could keep pace with - just!!!). Then along came OpenGL and Shaders. Not daunted, initially I thought I’d delve into exactly what a shader is and how to use it for my own amusement and possibly learn a thing or two(million). So I delved into the net (who wouldn’t) and shock there is an awful lot of info out there - but most of it is stratospheric (were talking above head height).

Fortunately we have a number of able volunteers to help us with tutorials etc Andrew_Stacey, Spacemonkey, Reefwing aciolino and Codeslinger just to mention a few. But, I thought it would be good just to bring the links of any good references together. Not code and not long winded discussions - just a brief outline of what the links contain and how good they are - easy to understand/heavy on the maths(or not) and supported by good visual aids (pics).

I’ll kick of with a series of 3 that I found that cover the basics, the complicated and the application - worth a look at. Authored by Dineh Bomfin.

OpenGL one

OpenGL two

OpenGL three

I’m still reading them so I’ll post my final views later.