One Wish

If you could have one thing added to Codea, anything at all, what would it be? Personally, mine would be Project folders so I can store my dependency projects with my full-blown projects.

My wish is that the next update of codea was compatible for ipad 1 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Luismi thats my wish too, i dont want to lose the new features codea gets on my ipad 1

@Luismi, @Jessevanderheide - The demand is so large for Codea to keep supporting iPad 1, that I think that Simeon will do his best to do so.
For me, I’d say project folders/versioning. I duplicate versions of a lot of my projects, so it gets crammed.

Audio files playback first, native iOS widgets second.

@LightDye - Audio files already done about a month or 2 ago (quite nicely), but it’s coming with the iOS 7 version.

@Zoyt - Awesome! Native iOS widgets it is then :slight_smile:

+10 for Project Folders

+1 for easily importing 3D models

+1 better debugging support

+1 Apple GameController support

Just a few :wink:

p.s. Whoops, that was 4 wishes!

Hmm, I would probably say Project Folders.

Native iOS widget and gesture library. Yeah, that’s two. :smiley:

My one wish is that I wish I wasn’t too bloody stupid to learn how to use codea. :wink:

@Mene . There are many references to learn lua and apply codea. I think it’s not too late to try again … :slight_smile:

Folders, yeah… But first: ipad1 compatible!

Since I tried AirCode I cannot live without it! So my wish would be to have AirCode v2 with even better features :slight_smile:

@ipadarena I know! For me atleast, they need the “quick select” reference, and the white theme. I would pay for those features!

@Prynok - TLL is not going to be doing any more in app purchases anymore (I think). That being said, there’s a good change they’ll make v2 a paid upgrade, which I would be more than willing to pay for.

@Zoyt, I’d be more than happy to pay for an upgrade. Especially if it helps supports future Codea development.

I would also like Bluetooth Campatibility for MP Games or sharing data across a short distance

@CodeaNoob That would be awesome! Then I could actually program a robot with a Ipad!

@Prynok - Out of curiosity, what do you mean by “quick select” reference? Don’t they have that? Select some text and click “lookup”.