Old Libraries

On the wiki I have noticed that many of the links are broken or outdated. Neither @Andrew_Stacey?'s nor @Jmv38?'s website work anymore and Codea Community is broken. Is there any way to access these old libraries? I used the Wayback Machine, but some of the libraries are still missing.

I take it you’re not referring to Mr. Peabody and Sherman. The only way would be if Andrew_Stacey or Jmv38 fixed them or if another user had copies of them.

@em2 what library are you interested in?

I am interested in the windows library and the 2d mesh library.
P.S. @Jmv38 thanks for replying so quickly!

Can I change the links on the wiki to working web archive versions?

A lot of Andrew Stacey’s libraries are available on github, originally as gists ( start here ) but many now as full formed git repositories – look for the ones that start with Codea[^1]. There’s also some write-ups of Codea stuff here (scroll to the bottom).

If there’s any missing, better to comment on github rather than here.

[1] There’s an obvious conclusion to be drawn. Feel free to draw it in private, but don’t say it explicitly here, please.