October Challenge

Hello people, there is a new challenge in Ludum Dare right now, this is my entry:
I wish I could use the 2D Physics game I’m getting done in Codea but the engine crashes with it right now, I know Codea team are working so hard , forze brothers!!
You people have a game to sell for 1$ done in Codea? now this is the right time!
I have created a team for beta-testing the games I’m working on, if you want to join just click here:

Your 3d effects are awsome!

Thats Fantastic!!! You always impress me!

Nice! I applied

Thats awsome!


Amazing work! What did you use to get the character animation?

This is the first beta posted for beta testera, i would like to use simple mesh scripts in Lua from Codea, some features are the same, but with different references

Thanks people for applying, @aciolino thats the work of the 3d artist, i am the coder, he use 3ds/blender

May I beta test?, I have nothing better to do anyway…

Ok, I add you to the next beta release!

Thanks all beta testers, the game is already online and you can buy it or ask me for a promo-code :slight_smile:

I just bought it, but I better wait until I’m not at work to fire it up! :smiley:

promo pleaaase

Ok, here are twelve promo codes!

  • NX7F6RR74MPN
  • 6AET9X9HXL46
  • A47E7MJTP7T4
  • 3FH9R43NEKF7
  • 9ETJY49LYEL4
  • 36FFRA3H9NH3

Looks fab @juaxix !

Out of curiosity, you appear to have used Tesflight for your beta testing… A couple of questions: a) how does it work and b) how easy was it to set up?

Thanks for the codes @juaxix. I used 3FH9…

I used HMWF44WXMERM - thanks you :slight_smile:

I used TL9… Thanks!

took MWHPE thanks

Options don’t do anything. Also, several translation errors. If you have them in a file, I would be willing to clean it up a bit. Otherwise, looks like a fun game!

Edit: i meant that the text isn’t exactly proper English, and I could help you with it.