No way to move projects to folder in Codea IDE?

Can do it in Files app, but am I missing a way to move projects to an Archive folder within Codea?

If you long press on a project, in the popup that shows you can move it to a Templates folder, but that’s about it. Maybe if you don’t have a Templates folder, you could use that as an archive folder.

PS. A problem with that is when you selec Create New to create a new project, then you’ll have a lot of projects showing in the list.

I tend to export my projects via the menu option, making a zip and using the Files app or another filing app I have to save it to a an archive. I tend to use an external hard drive rather than on my iPad. It’s messy but I don’t have confidence with Dropbox nowadays.

Re-loading to Codea involves copying the zip to downloads and sharing from there.

At present the file system used by Codea is not a real file/folder system. I think it’s just a list of real files with their Apple filing system locations. I’m hoping that changes when 4 is released.

Yes. Could be better.