Newly announced iPad Pro to support 120Hz refresh so.....

Will this have any impact on Codea’s future versions?

If this is just announced, how should we know?

@the_dude If supported by Codea I expect the only noticable impact would be that draw would be called 120 times per second on supported devices instead of 60 times per second.

@XanDDemoX is correct. My initial thought is for capable devices to default to a higher frame rate. However this might turn out to be something people would like to customise (drop back down to 60hz if rendering is too slow). So we’ll see.

@Simeon Is there a reason the draw function can’t run at 120 FPS on regular iPads other than they will only display at 60 FPS skipping every other frame. It might be nice to have the draw function run twice as fast as it does now. Have the option to run the draw function at 60 or 120 FPS for everyone.

@dave1707 iOS will not allow a frame rate higher than the display refresh rate — so setting such an option (if we made it available) would have no effect on 60hz iPads.

@Simeon Thanks anyways. I just thought we could get a faster draw function.

@Simeon @dave1707 what if we altered all our applications to fit 30fps, then we can change it to 60 at free will, won’t it have the same effect? (Just thinking out loud, btw)

If I may, if you do allow 120hz for the faster pads can you make it easy to switch that off please? I ask as my game is designed to run at 60hz/60fps with frame based event timings. Having to code all that again to deal with dual frame rates would be a total disaster for me.


@Majormorgan yeah I think allowing you to set the desired rendering rate would be best

I agree @Simeon , the ideal would be to set the frame rate.