Newbie Survival

Hello there. I see your curiosity has gotten the best of you and you have decided to click on the title of this post. I like you. Your new and exciting. You know what else is new and exciting for me? Coding. Help. Please. Where do I start? I’ve gone through all of the very exciting (that was sarcasm by the way) little code things that tell you about Parameters and Sprites but it’s all kind of confusing…

@TeamCode - start with the wiki link above.

There are lots of tutorials, examples, ebooks, blogs, etc

We are a small community, so don’t expect huge help manuals or start-to-end books. But we are very friendly and helpful, and we all love Codea.

My personal suggestion is that you start with Lua, the language behind Codea. I wrote this ebook just for people like you:

Basic things to know,

Function setup() - runs once
Function draw() - draws the program 60 frames a second (60 fps)
Function touched(t) - you can set up code to detect touches on the screen
Background - sets background color
Sound() - select a sound to play and it will play in your project
Sprite() - put a sprite or character on the screen
Print" " - put some text between the two commas and when you run the project it will appear in the output box
-- one line commant, does not do anything in your project. But you can remind your self of something you are doing in the code
--[[ ]]-- multi line commant, same as regular commant but it can be expanded onto multiple lines without the use of putting -- on a new line
end - ends the function

These are just the basics of programming in codea. If you don’t know, codea uses the lua programming language and to be honest, I’m a noob at programming too!

Wait Lua? I know some basic Lua from my ComputerCraft days. That helps a little. Thanks for the link to the book too @Ignatz I’ll check it out. Thanks for the list too @kirorp.

The guide that Ignatz linked is very helpful to newbies, I am a newbie too. I never even looked at any programming until about a month ago and now I’m making my own fruit machine game with codea and thanks to the helpful guys on here.

I found the best thing to do was follow the wiki link and download the guides you find there and bookmark the reference section (I’m forever reading up on that as I forget things)
I also found the search function on this forum very good for looking up tips and ‘how to’s’.

Welcome to the forum

@TeamCode - if you know some Lua, that helps a lot. When you’re done brushing up on Lua, I wrote another book on Codea itself (also on the wiki). It’s unfinished (because Codea does so much) but the first couple of chapters explain the basics.

There’s lots of other stuff on the wiki too, and I would start following the forum. Don’t worry if some topics go over your head at first, you’ll soon start picking them up.

To Be honest: I just sat around this forum and listened to what was going on around me, but it ultimately depends on your learning style