New xcode export and parameters

I’ve never tried to export to xcode but with the new update I will be. I have a simple app that i have been using to manage my webcams. I have been using the parameters becuase its faster and i really have no need for a UI on the screen. Will the parameters export and be usable in the xcode export capability?

@Briarfox yes, the full parameter system and sidebar comes along with your exported app (unlike the 1.4.x runtime).

@Simeon you rock, thank you!

Do we have an option to disable it or does it get exported when displayMode(STANDARD) is used?

good idea @Luatee

@Luatee you would use displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) if you don’t want it.

For those interested in a preview of the new Xcode export functionality I have done a tute on it over at

So annoyed at the wait …

Sorry @corneliuhoffman, we’re just waiting for Apple to review it.

I know, I was venting my frustration with apple. 8 days !!!

@simeon ahh yeah that’s a better one, I haven’t really needed to use it yet so it didnt occur to me, full of good ideas though you guys are, good one.

@Simeon, argh!!! (also venting)

Can we at least download the new runtime yet?

I keep checking my appstore icon for updates :slight_smile:

Same i thought I had one but it was the new youtube, that must mean its coming soon!

Great work looking forward to trying it out.