New website about iPad and Codea Source Code

Hello you can find my new french website at :

currently there are 3 source code at :

concerning :

  • Rpn Calculator
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Mendeleiev’s table

Thank you to codea’s members

Thanks for sharing @hpsoft. I’ve grabbed your Gui: seems to wok nice, except iti s portrait only? And Why do you insert all those blank lines?

Thanks, it works fine.

I deliberately used only portrait for forms because of keyboard.

In landscape orientation, i can use only 50 % of the screen. It’s ridiculous.

In portrait orientation, keyboard occupies 20-25% of the space.

But if you change the orientation in source code, it works too.

Excuse my bad english, i’m french

For blank lines, it’s an example of guy library

I added another example in

It’s MathNArg with integration of 1 to 3 cases and differents pages.

I’ve tried to create round rect in forms.

Very good.

@hpsoft Your work on GUI may be combined With @Mark 's Cider program and the result Will be extraordinaire.