New Tutorial Series

hi all,

i’m working on creating a tutorial series for developing games and apps directly on ipad,

Obviously Codea will be a huge part of that but not the only one, i’ll also go into details on how i use procreate, affinity designer, and pythonista

episode one deals with introduction to codea and my Core framework (lite version available to download)
check out my patreon too as i plan on dropping more downloadables there for extended versions of my framework and full source code for games i’ve made in codea

please check it out and help the community grow, i’ll be aiming to upload weekly


Hi @skar - looking forward to your tutorials, not only on Codea - I recently upgraded to the 2.1 Affinity suite and they have made tons of changes. My problem is making the time to develop nowadays so tutorials hopefully will fill the gap for me and make my time on pad sharper and more focused.

thanks Bri_G i’m excited to share more however i use affinity designer 1.10, i tried out 2.x when it released and it was too many changes for me without adding any benefits to my usage

I’m so excited I already made the next episode. You can find out more about how the Core framework works and how you can use it right now to play around and build your own demo.

and check out the shaders video

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i’ve added a “curious” tier video on how i use procreate to create art and animations, but i’ll post the link here for anyone that wants to watch it without subscribing on patreon

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I’ve added a new video for how to think in Lua code as well as updated the Skar Core to be clean and more stable as well as performance improvements!

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I’ve added a new episode showing the full code for the Stars & Asteroids game which can be viewed here and also the code can be downloaded on the patreon page for all users.

CoreLite doesn’t include vampatlas & vampatlasN font images?

sorry for the confusion but CoreLite is outdated and not going to be updated, instead use the latest complete framework with the provided assets here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, I did eventually find it there…

if you’re wondering why it doesn’t work, this will be fixed in an upcoming version of Core, the reason being i changed over bitmapfonts to use mesh.rects to improve performance, the loss is per rect normal mapping, but my workaround will be to use individual meshes if normal maps are enabled, this works since most text that would want lights is title or name text with limited characters or the developer can use a image for those moments so the normal map will fit, debatable