New Tutorial (30) - Codea v1.5.2: Objective C Add On, Game Center

If you are interested in adding Game Center support to your exported Xcode projects then have a look at the new tutorial at:

@Simeon has provided an alternate approach (which produces the same outcome) here:

Reefwing - Thank you so much for taking the time to write the tutorials. They are immensely helpful. Quick question. Are we free to use the example code in the tutorials in our commercial apps? Any attributions, code publishing, or other usage requirements. What license are they under?

Again Thank You

@Jknight3 - Thanks for the comment, feel free to use the code as you wish. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

@Reefwing, any chance you could make some sort of add-on that loads a 3D object into a mesh? It might be interesting to try to build the open asset library with an xcode link and get it to load #d models.

Not sure how they would pack into a mesh from XCode to Lua, though.

@aciolino - I’m sure it is technically possible but I don’t know enough about 3D objects or meshes to do so!