New in codea

Hello everyone :), so i just bought codea, i’ve been wanting it since christmass but i had no money to buy it :/, i won a 20$ giveaway and this was the first thing i bought, i came into forums cause i am new in lua programming, i had already programmed in other softwares, so i am not a total “noob”, and maybe i can receive some help in here, any lua/codea books/tutorials i can read to understand better, some examples i can see and practice, etc
Ty everyone and i hope to get better at this :smiley:

Welcome! Ive written some ebooks, here, for beginners

As you realise, you need to learn some Lua first, and then Codea.

Look thru the forum. There’s plenty of example code for you to look at. Find some small programs and play around with them until you understand what they’re doing. Keep trying new things and before you know it, you’ll be writing large programs without any trouble.

You will probably be surprised to find that tables are used to provide arrays, classes, dictionaries, you name it.

It’s worth spending time mastering tables because they are enormously powerful and flexible.

Ty for the ebooks! :slight_smile: and for all the advices

I prefer @Ignatz 's blog ( to the ebooks, even though the books are drawing on similar material as the blogs. There’s something about the blog format, the sense of narrative, of problems being solved in real time, which really draws you in as a reader I think, and gives you insight into the problem-solving process, the “I don’t know how I’m going to do this next part, but…” Whereas by the time you revise it into a book, you’ve already worked out what the answer’s going to be B)