New game: Space Jam

I’ve been working on this game for a few days and I’m thinking of adding mini games with set tasks and other enemies aswell, tell me what you think and what could be added! Any criticism is fine, thanks.

Maybe add a health bar above each enemy to show how much damage they’re taking. Also, you should have a satisfying explosion when an enemy is defeated instead of just making the ship disappear.

I think Ill make the ships darker the more they’re damaged and add an explosion, I’m not sure what way is best for making an explosion though…

Can you share the code please

@MatinMN, He doesnt have to post the code,

@CodeaNoob he asked nicely so I will, I want to put it on the app store first, free obviously :slight_smile:

@Luatee - maybe the Particular Particles project will help you, it has a variety of stuff like explosions

@Ignatz it’s alright, I did all that a while ago. I haven’t worked on it since because it wasn’t as popular as I thought it’d be, I may continue work with the original ideas to make it a bit better. A lot of people said it was fun for about half an hour.

@luatee , is great !! Nice work :slight_smile:

Thank you ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
It’s my My game
Can you tell me how should I translate a touch ? I need it for my joystick
video :

You shouldn’t need to translate touches, nor the joystick position, just everything else.

Yes here is a video from my problem

Cool game. Maybe make the asteroids sluggishly drift though the area and can be affected by impacts/bullets.

That might add a strategic element to the asteroids as you could push them into the aliens.

Then a tractor beam might be cool to pull asteroids into defensive formations.

Hope this helps.

@Goatboy76 Real original, I actually might go back to put that in those are great ideas, thanks.

@Goatboy76, That reminds me a lot of like Ender’s Game, have you seen/read the movie/book