neutrino telescope event display in AR

So finally implemented my km3net neutrino telescope event display program in AR.

Using Craft the code size is dramatically reduced and much simpler compared to that which i had previously. Runs at 18 fps for 1800 spheres on ipad pro 12.9 first version.

During the process, only noticed a few bugs (previously reported)…
spotlights cannot be controlled by orientation of entity
could not wrap texture around an isosphere (so used @loopspace meshExt class sphere converted to model)
loading of some of my .obj models did not work (but do work with @yojimbo2000 .obj loader not in Craft)

@piinthesky Nice example of AR.

Due to issues with dynamic bodies and torque in AR, I switched back to using the @ignatz flight class for the ROV flythrough in AR.

Can also drive a crawler through the telescope.

@piinthesky that looks amazing, especially the crawler driver through, how are you doing that underwater effect?

Can you tell us what the spheres represent in the visualisation? What’s the particle which passes through the spheres?

@simeon the godrays are extracted from a shadertoy shader ‘beneath the sea’ by zel. The shader is drawn to an image, which is then used as a texture on a large sphere centred on the camera. In reality at the depths of the telescope (>2500m) it is completely dark-but the god rays look nice!

The spheres are glass spheres with photomultipliers inside that detect the Cherenkov light emitted by the high energy muon particle as it passes through the seawater. The muons result from the interaction of neutrinos in the vincinity of the telescope.

Thanks for the explanation. I ended up on the wikipedia entry for Cherenkov light for some time

@Simeon @John take a look at

My Codea based event display is proving useful for science.

Also to keep my cats amused!

@piinthesky Nice work! Really cool to see Codea used like this :slight_smile:

I am working on making my app universal, so that it can also run on the iphone configuration. On the ipad it uses a menu to configure all the options. On the smaller iphone this is a challenge as the screen is so small, especially in landscape mode. I came up with a solution based on scrollable menus-essentially the menus stay the same size but they can be moved up and down to reach the various options. Seems to work quite well. Many thanks to the wonderful and flexible Soda library from @yojimbo2000

very nice!