native input fields

Could we have support for native input fields?

The main idea was to create some sort of MindMapping tool, which heavily relies on text input. But its just a struggle to create custom input fields with the ability of scrolling text (vertically + horizontally), moving the cursor by a touch, selecting text - especially when text is multiline. There are also difficulties when working with some multibyte characters like emoji, which are 3-4 bytes wide. The missing eye-dropper for text and text selection is also a pain to implement and makes everything a slow calculation process in comparison to native code.

I’ve tried to do, but currently kind of failed/stuck. Could you provide the access point?

It would also be helpful to have access to photo library (image picker) - but this could happen on another day. Textboxes are used widely so I don’t see a point why not. What do you think?