My Next Project : AllFighters

Hello everyone !

A long time after Asteroyds (
I’m back with a new Project : AllFighters.

I have begin in java at begin of the year, but I think make that in Codea is a better idea.

AllFighters is a platform/fighting game inspired of “Jump Ultimate Star” and “Super Smash Bross”. (I explain more after)

This is my first video of game in java and in a short time, i post the video of iPad development.

If you’r interested by the project, post a comment :wink:

That’s awesome but it might take lot of coding to do that(maybe). all the best for the project!!

Thanks @Saurabh :wink:
This is the video of first ipad version :
(real version of game don’t lag)

That’s looking great @HyroVitalyProtago. What control schemes are you exploring? I notice you have buttons, have you tried anything else (gestures, etc)?

Thanks @Simeon, I haven’t tried gestures for the moment, but I think about, for distant fights, powers, etc… but i don’t know if a total system of gesture for control the fighter is good, if you have any suggestion, i can be interested.

@HyroVitalyProtago I think platformers are the hardest to get right, control-wise, on touch devices. The ones that seem to do best use automated movement and let the player touch to jump (mega run, and so on). The only thing you can do is experiment to find what plays best.

@HyroVitalyProtago any update on the games progress? Looks very cool BTW

Thanks @JakAttak, but for the moment, I make my work experience report. Although i continue from the end of week !

@HyroVitalyProtago, may I ask how you are doing the character animations?

@JakAttak => Yes, you can :wink:

In a first time, you can see the entirely code at AllFighters - Codea. I think this can be useful for a good understanding.

If you want test the project, i can share the dropbox directory for sprites.

The system of animation use 3 classes : FImage, FSprite and FObject.
FSprite contains a list of FImage. FObject contains the list of all animations for an object.

For the moment, I make the source development kit for add fighters easily and maybe map and others things. [And I have begin a BaseGameEngine for make menu]

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

:-bd Thank you for sharing :-bd