My Great Project

Here it is

(Just a post so you can play with project importing. You’ll need to open this discussion in iOS Safari and tap the attachment.)

Tap on the above zip link. It shows a zip file. Select more or import with Codea.

Thanks @dave1707 for putting actual instructions here :smiley:

I think this only works from the real Safari on your iPad, not the in-app one. Given the new multitasking stuff it might make sense to drop in-app browsers all together in future versions of Codea.

Yes, I checked. Works only with the real Safari browser.

Hi all, Got unavailable for import (restricted).

you have to re-install the app from the app store, since you seem to have the beta installed at this time…

@se24vad - works fine now but can’t save an icon image for the project.

@Bri_G we’ll be rolling the code import up into the beta now that it has passed review. Thanks for reminding me

great job!
And, the other way around: I can create a zip, but how do i send a project to the forum?

maybe save to dropbox and attach from there when posting? - seems to work for me…

@Jmv38 The way it works for me is, I export the zip file to the iCloud. To get it back, I tap on the zip file in iCloud. Another page shows that gives the zip file name and how many files are in it. In the upper right of the screen is an icon of a square with an arrow pointing up. Tap that and another screen shows with a bunch of apps. Look for the one that says import with Codea. Tap that and it should take you into Codea and ask you what you want to do.

EDIT: Sorry, I reread your post and didn’t realize you said to the forum instead of to Codea.

@Jmv38 you could probably use iCloud Drive as well. I’m looking at adding proper file extensions into Codea now to make this whole process a lot easier.

Hi all

I’m trying to do these tutorials, however I can’t seem to figure out how to get the code into Codea.

It says to hold down the new project button, but thats not working

@GiacomoLaw Just copy all of the code of the project you want to put into Codea. Then, go into Codea and hold on the “+” button, and it should show a paste option. Click the paste button, and it should create a new Codea project with all of the code pasted into it.

@GiacomoLaw If you’re trying to copy the projects that are in the link you show, you need to copy the RAW code. When you look at the code for each of those projects, on the right/top of the code, you’ll see the word RAW. Tap on that and it will display the code without line numbers. Copy the code then try the press/hold of the (+ Add New Project). It should give you the paste into project option. The code needs a --# tabname for the paste into project option to work.