My first Codea game

I made this game a couple years ago as I was first learning to code. It got messy real fast, but somehow it works without game-wreaking bugs. Maybe someone could suggest code that might work better than what I did? Feedback would also be really cool. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s based off the Space Shooter demo. Thanks everyone!

Edit: Like a complete idiot, I forgot to include the link. It’s here now:

@Attila717 Nice game. One suggestion, the sprites you use in Documents aren’t available to other users. Either use all Codea sprites or provide a copy of the sprites you use.

Very good @Attila717 , I see that it had serious inspiration from Bit Invader in Codeas samples, but it is very well done, only thing is, as @dave1707 stated, I can’t see the ship, there is no image.

@Attila717 Very nice game for a beginner! I love all the effects! When I was just starting out, it would’ve taken me forever to try to make this game. How long did it take you to make it?

@dave1707 Ah, right. I forgot that I didn’t include those. Here they are.

@Kolosso It took me most of the second semester of my freshman year in high school. It was a great distraction from other, less interesting things at the time.

@Attila717 I know exactly what you mean, except, me being a sophomore, I recommend that you put Codea aside in school, because you actually have to start paying attention in the coming years. I learned that the hard way, hahaha.

@CamelCoder Yup, I figured that out too, thankfully not in such a hard way. A bit though sophomore year I just started to not have time for it anymore. I had to shift my schedule around to make time for the load of projects and such every few weeks. Now, I mainly do programming on the weekends and that works out fairly well. There’s still that occasional 1am coding spree though ; )