My First Codea Attempt... any one have any pointers

So, it’s been years since I had a play around with some basic game programming and thanks to Codea I can now attempt it again during my free time (read, when im sat on the loo) and this is what I’ve got so far, I’d love some pointers from anyone that’s willing to throw in some suggestions on improving the code i have at the moment.

It’s an attempt at an arcade game i used to love to play called Lady Killer (this will be minus th naughtyness) at the moment, I’ve got the basic character animating with a joystick and button class and that’s about it. Code is here;

At the moment I’m planning on rewriting how the player is drawn to the screen, not overly keen on using Sprite and would rather use a spritemap (seen some handy posts on that lately), also the animation timing i know really sucks, i’ve just put a condition it that does the animation code every 5th redraw, im guessing i could use DeltaTime or something… I need to read up on that. And the joystick controls may need to be rewritten, it’s a bit of pain of making the diver walk faster, again need to have a look around and see the best way to do that.

Anyways, any suggestions on how to improve the code would be greatly appreciated.

Wow, I can’t believe I just saw this. I love your sprite animation. The diving under water mechanic looks very interesting.

What is the game about?

Wow. Now I’m interested… Didn’t see it myself before…

It’s a puzzle/action game where the floor will be tiled and the aim is to flip all the tiles whilst dealing with enemies above and below water.
I never felt the arcade game pushed itself to its full potential so I want to try and first do a basic arcade clone and then when thats done add to it, with larger play areas, more power ups and try to introduce some bosses.