Music from iTunes made with GarageBand.

I’ve just started out with Codea. It’s awesome! I would really like to know how to Import music from the iTunes library into Codea. I want to make a game completely on the iPad, including the soundtrack. So I have GarageBand for iPad. I’m wondering what methods there are to using my music in codea? How can you export music into Codea? Thanks!

TLL is working on the ability to import music. Currently, you need to export the project and add music in via xcode.

Yes, to add custom sound effects or music, you have to go into Objective C and modify the exported code, which can be really hard. Support for custom sounds/music is coming soon, though, and I can’t wait.

I believe a codea addon for xcode could be made (or has) to add sound. I havent checked out the codea addons for xcode but I believe they are written in obj c and use lua for the implementation. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

We have something in the works regarding music and audio playback.

However, version 1.5.3 with Air Code coming first.

I have a complete Ipad studio complete with an I/o dock and several programs including multitrack daw, garageband, audiosync, remaster, rhythem studio as well as using the art program paper 53 and I use codea. I was wondering is their anyway to add music from garage band as well, but this answers my question completely.

You can add music from garageband but you have to do it after it’s exported to xCode. Cant wait to see what TLL has planned for music in codea :slight_smile: