Multiple Codea Instances?

Is it possible to run two instances of Codea at once, on a single iPad? As I work on this “Making App” idea, I’m thinking it would be nice to have one Codea running the Making App, and another one where I’d be actively editing.

Is this possible now? Might it be in the future?


@RonJeffries - nice idea, probably not feasible but you might be able to have a separate editor and player with the facility to transfer the latest/selected project editor tab to the player.

@RonJeffries i can only get one instance of Codea open at a time. If you have 2 iPads, you can set them next to each other.

@ronjeffries - just realised I have raised this idea before with the Air Code connection to PC or Mac in a browser. Would be even better with a dedicated remote editor.

Yes. thought this was the case. My use case is to have a program analyzing program like Dave’s class, instance, function counting thing, running at the same time as the program I’m actually working on, so that one could click buttons over on that program and inspect the one being worked on. The alternative is to exit the one, run the analyzer, exit that, go back. And if you do that you lose the info on its screen.

Of course one could XCode up a real app, but that’s beyond my current ability and desire to learn.


@ronjeffries - in the interim have you thought about writing variables to a Tab to monitor progress/input etc?

@Bri_G could do, but that’s not quite on my priority list yet.