Multi gesture changing screens conflicts

hello guys,

I’ve been working in codea for a while now, and have used both the newbie and proper method for touch, however both methods seem to have issues if I change to another app using the multi gesture swipe. Has anyone had this problem before? For example when coming back after switching, the app will have touches stuck in it, and will continually register that touch. Or for example the app will allow some buttons to work but not all. Etc

On another note, I’ve got two apps, one app will crash after a few minutes switching to another app or the iPad desktop, the other I can leave in the background for however long and it won’t matter I can still come back to it later. The only major difference is that the formal app will have a lot more things loaded in memory compared to the first app. Is this possibly the likely culprit?


I think the touches getting stuck is a bug from iOS 8, I’m pretty sure back in iOS 7 you only needed to check for touch.state == CANCELLED, but after iOS 8 that isn’t foolproof anymore, and touches would get stuck after multitouch gestures or using Notification Center. I’m not sure if it’s even fixable with Obj-C, but if it is, Simeon has yet to fix it.

@archistudent One thing I noticed when that happens is the first touch doesn’t register, but if you touch the screen with a second finger without lifting the first finger, touch works normally for the second finger. If you lift the second finger, the first finger still doesn’t register anything if you move it around. But I have a hard time getting that error to happen.

Ah I see, That is a shame, I might need to look into that to see if there is a way to fix it post-export, since it does ruin the experience a lot for end users.

Cheers guys