Move from Codea to XCode

Hello to everyone, my name is Ivan Cantarino, I’m Portuguese and work as software developer.

I’ve been around codea for a while, but know I’ve read that the Codea Runtime Library works like a charm and I’m ready to move to it.

I was wondering if there is some topic on the forum which explains a step-by-step, in how to move the codea files to Xcode and setup the Runtime Library properly and make it all work?

If there’s such topic (that I can’t find), could you please link it as an answer here?

Thank you all and keep up the good work.


It’s really simple actually, on the project screen, hold down the icon of the project you want to send to Xcode and press export on the pop up that appears, from there you can choose where to send the .zip file. Once you open the .zip file, it will be an already formatted and ready to go project you can use in Xcode

Ohh… Indeed it’s quite simple.
Thank you so much for helping.

@Jordan, im trying to do something a little more complex with the exported code, and that is to call C libraries from lua, by having a line in main.lua calling the library and the C libraries copied into the exported folder.

Do you have any experience here?