More themes and fonts

I’m hoping at some point that more editor themes or maybe an option to customize themes can become available. Also more variety of code fonts would be nice. Courier and Menlo are some good examples

@NewToonie Courier and Menlo are already valid fonts in the font() function. There are many valid fonts that just aren’t in the picker. Therefore you have to put the manually

You can also add custom fonts. You need an app that installs third party fonts in the iPad as profiles. There’s one called font finder, there’s probably a few similar apps out there. There installed font won’t show in Codea’s font picker, but you can use it.

Thanks for the app suggestion but I meant the font that is used when typing code, not fonts that are used for projects.

@NewToonie You may have misunderstood yojimbo, the fonts you make in the app can be used when typing code, it just won’t appear in Codea’s font picker.

I think you all misunderstood @NewToonie. He’s talking about the actual code you see in the editor, not the fonts you can use, and also having more themes than just light and dark

@Dwins Exactly what I mean