More documentation

I’d like more documentation in app on shaders and functions, I understand some functions that aren’t documented are buggy or have a better alternatives but I’d like to find that out in app rather than switching apps a lot

Just check the refference in the app. Click on the eye icon. There are only a few functions missing but you can make pretty much anything with the given documentation

I can’t find anything on shaders

@ellie_ff1493 You’re right, there isn’t anything on shaders except a brief overview, there are e-books made by @Ignatz, just do a forum search and you should find the link to his e-books.

There’s an extreamly small percentage of Codea users that will ever use shaders, so it’s probably not worth the trouble or time to create the built in documentation pages for shaders. There’s still some documentation for Codea that’s missing. Codea Craft is the next big update coming out and all the documentation for that is still not there. I would rather the developers add new functions instead of spending their time adding documentation for something that very few people will use.

@dave1707 I have to say based on the 65 posts in the Shader specific part of the forum vs several thousand overall you may be right. And for that matter, those of us using shaders have utilized other means to learn about them. plenty of info on google. I suggest also Shaderific app, he has recently implimented a bunch of my feature requests that make it a great app for fast and convenient shader exploration and learning.

ALSO: google “the book of shaders” its fantastic.

@AxiomCrux I already have a link to The Book of Shaders. It helps somewhat, but it would be nice to have a Codea specific book that explained what things are and what they’re used for. I use shaders rarely because I don’t know that much about them. I play around with them just to try and figure things out, but I also don’t want the Codea developers trying to create shader documentation for the few who use them.