Momentium(gravitarium2 on codea)

Is there any way to prevent multitasking gestures like the five finger swipe while you’re running the code, or maybe switch them off and then automatically switch them on again after the program simulation is over?
Anyway here’s the game that needs it. It’s a replica of gravitarium 2 on codea. Here’s the video for it and here’s the code . Make sure to run the game after switching off multitasking gestures from settings.

great ^:)^

@Saurabh i havent tried the game, but the video looks beautiful and poetic. Love it. Just some user-move-generated music missing?

Thanks. I was thinking about the same thing while making the game. But then realized that using the sound option currently in codea won’t make too good music.

Well judging from the latest Codea Commits tweets, we’ll have music soon

Wow that’s epic :smiley: