Moderation App

I’ve created a little app for the forum mods.

  • Cleans up caps lock and foul language from posts.
  • Lets all usernames that share an email address.
  • Lists all users that log in with the same ip.
  • Removes bot accounts from inside Codea.

###Always check the user name, creation date and email before deleting bots.

  • The bot checker looks for email addresses that use more then three “.”
  • It check for the bot patter of a username ending in three digits and the use of a + in the email.


  • Open Email and ip lists in web browser with clickable links to user profiles.
  • Clean up very messy code.


Gist Updated

  • Users that take over 2 days to confirm membership are added to bot list.

Something a little odd, I ran it and it found 20 bots which I deleted, but I knew there were more, so I ran it again and got 20 more, which I deleted, then i ran it again and it said there were none, but there were actually still a couple of “three dot” bots. Like I said, odd.

I’ll try again today when the next wave comes.

But it’s a fantastic way to kill bots.

@Ignatz still bug fixing. I had a bug in the Confirmation request that I’ll update soon. I’m actually checking for 4 “.” to allow for one .com and 3 for the bot. I may lower this to 2.

Updated. Loads faster with a status indicator.

Just killed 200 bots :slight_smile:

They are getting worse and worse

I think they are all from China, based on the IP addresses - and activity periods, which fit my timezone (GMT+8) quite closely.

I don’t know why they haven’t figured out they are wasting their time.

I’m still working on a web python app to automatically keep them deleted.

I’ve got a Firefox addin that deletes them now, using name, email and IP as identifiers. I could automate it so it runs continuously but haven’t bothered yet.

@Ignatz great! No bots stand a chance against our Mods!