Missing files in autocomplete

@sim One thing I just noticed. Any file that has - (dash) in the file name doesn’t show in autocomplete when you do “asset.foldername.” to get a list of files.

For example, test-1234 won’t show in autocomplete but test_1234 will.

I don’t have that many files that use a dash, so I can always change the names to use the underscore instead of a dash.

In this case asset.test-1234 would be invalid Lua code (the - would be considered a minus). What we should do it map this to test_1234 automatically — but if there is a clash (and existing test_1234) then you would need to access it via asset["test-1234"]

@sim I can just change my programs and files to use the underscore instead of the dash.

PS. I changed my programs and files to use the underscore.

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@sim I tried using the restore zip file from Export Projects and ran in a slight problem. If a project already exists, you put up a popup saying EXISTING ITEM with a choice of SKIP or CONFIRM. You have to select one of those choices. You can’t select the CANCEL option if you want to get out of the restore. You have to close Codea to get out.

@dave1707 - wouldn’t SKIP just CANCEL the loading anyway ?

although I suppose CANCEL is the correct result you need and avoids any confusion.

@Bri_G SKIP just takes you to the next project to restore. So if you were restoring all your projects and some existed and you changed your mind, you have to close Codea to get out.