Minimap for Editor

i think it would be great to add a minimap into the editor, see attached for example (from Kodex)

it would also serve to fix one of my own personal issues, that being i can’t scroll with the Apple pencil, the minimap would be perfect for using the pencil (it works in kodex)

This would be great to have as an option. On the iPad, at least.

That’s definitely something good to have.

I need to give credit though, that the lack of a minimap has led to me splitting code more efficiently.

What would also be great is to be able to combine code tabs into groups that would look somewhat like a dropdown of more classes. UI could have Button and all that kind of stuff while another tab would store all level configurations.

It would be really fun to build a mini-map. At the moment I’m working on Codea 4.0 and trying to get the new runtime up-and-running, but I’ve added it to my wish list of features for when I get some spare time

@Skar great point about the pencil scrolling issue