Matching Colors. Board game. Video/Gist/Community Codea

@pepinganos that looks good, but could you maybe explain the rules a bit?

You have to try to eliminate all the balls by touching empty cases that are connected North, South, East, West with two or more balls which are the same color.

Very good job @pepinganos.
The game principle is interesting. Did you invent it? I wonder if it could be made more spicy by introducing combos or cascade of events or the equivalent.

@pepinganos Great job and idea. Just some advice, maybe you should add a main menu to the game that explains everything.

I saw this principle a time ago. I find it very addictive.
I agree with you, @Jmv38. Combos would be great and easy to implement.
I just wanted to share this preliminary version.

Of course @Willkassens. I’ll do it. Thank you for your suggestion.

I’ve updated the game with LOTS of improvements: “raytraced” balls, 2 kinds of powerups, sound, explosion effects, floating messages, complex scores…
I have to draw buttons for “menu” and “throw a bomb”.
The code is now in a single gist file (see the first post of this thread).
I’d like to implement a system to store the best scores. Is there a way to do it in Codea?

@Zoyt posted the StackIt Score System, try using that

Thank you, @CodeaNoob, I’ll look into it.

I didn’t find Zoyt’s Score System, but I’ve taken a look at the documentation and I’ve found what I needed.

It helped when I realized the balls could have space between the tap point and them :slight_smile: This could be turned into a level game with increasing board size and difficulty pretty easily. Nice job!

@Pops, I’m thinking about it but I’m not sure how to make it because of the difficulty curve.
Maybe I could start with 4 colors and 14 balls, then increase the number of balls until a maximum value. Then change to 5 colors with 14 balls and so on.
I’m thinking about how to present it. I should improve the interface a lot to be able to do it.

By the way, I’ve put it in Community Codea.

Look at the Cargo Bot example. It implements Packs of Levels which is one way to approach it. I get the “difficulty curve”. I’m just starting to dabble with my own stuff. The plethora of examples and help here makes it seem it won’t be wasted effort. Looking forward to see where you go with this.

I’ve updated the code and the video.

It’s the first version with levels. There are 25 levels of 4 colors. The higher the level, the bigger is the board. I’m going to create “worlds” of 4 to 8 colors.

I’ve finished the game. Code, CC and video have been updated.

@pepinganos could you update github too? For those who have pb with CC… Thanks

The github link is in the first post and is up to date.


@pepinganos this game is incredibly well polished! =D> =D> =D>
It runs only 16 hz on ipad1 but this is not a pb for the animations, they still look good.
It contains menu, graphics, animations, score saving, sounds…
What about putting it in the codea built-in examples, as a example of very professionnal achievements? (if @pepinganos is ok, of course).
How many hours did it take you for achieving this?