Man Spider mechanic

I was playing with KMEB’s rope toy and built this… It’s a sort of proof of concept for a web slinging mechanic which I will probably never get around to building a game from.

Looks great - but you cant just tease us with a proof of concept which we can never play!

Well, I’m still working on mechanics, like when you shoot out both ends of a web I want it to create a slingshot type thing, so then if you get your man onto it you can pull back and launch like angry birds or whatever.

I don’t spend much time on it, but I’ll keep it ticking forwards. If I get to the point where I won’t create a game from it I’ll drop the source here (the source needs some major cleanup even at this early stage before it’s public worthy)

Very interesting mechanic. I’ve seen a lot of single-rope swinging games, but two ropes looks a lot more fun.