Making Art

@Simeon I know that you are very experienced in making art, and it is evident in the Cargo Bot sprite pack. How did you make the art though? What program did you use? Does anyone have a free program where it is easy to make sprites? Thanks in advance

@CamelCoder I did a search on the App Store and found this Pixartu. Not sure if it’s what you want, but you could search for others.

@dave1707 that looks really good, and thank you! But I was looking for non-pixel art design

I use Inkpad - free vector based package

@West I actually checked earlier today, Inkpad isn’t free anymore

@Dwins - oops you’re right.

@CamelCoder I use “graphic” which was idesign I think, and got bought out by autodesk. It works on both osx and ios and makes a faster streamlined workflow than adobe illustrator which I also own and use sometimes. It is worth whatever few dollars it costs, I have tried every ios vector design tool I could find and this one is the best IMHO, and it appears autodesk agrees.

I’m late to the discussion, but I’d second Graphic for vector art, ProCreate for digital painting.

I’ve not used it, and it’s at the expensive end of the iOS scale, but for peeps interested in pixel art (and animating pixel art), I’ve heard good things about pixaki:

@yojimbo2000 @AxiomCrux Thanks for the suggestions. I was planning on making the art for my next app by myself, that’s why I needed the suggestions, but coincidentally enough, I know have an art creator, a game designer, and a beta tester, and I haven’t spent a dime! My art creator uses Photoshop, which seems to work quite well.

Do you want to make arts about movies, games or comics?