Making a Craft model from dave1707’s Voxel terrain

This project uses @dave1707’s excellent voxel terrain generator as a basis for making a nifty Craft terrain.

I think I messed something up in the assigning of uvs and indices, because it doesn’t look quite right, but it works.

Unfortunately if I want to make it possible to walk around on this model, I think it’s going to need a rigidbody, and I don’t think there’s any way to make a rigidbody in this shape—anyone have any ideas on how to make this walkable?

Does anybody know why the craft model doesn’t catch shadows and what I can do to make it catch them?

The whole thing will get darker and lighter all at once, but the hills and valleys don’t individually catch shade, so the lighting doesn’t help you see them.

@UberGoober Unfortunately I never got proper cast shadows working Craft. I’ve only recently managed to get them working in the new runtime. It turns out shadow mapping is extremely hard to get working right

@John i’m sure there’s something here I’m not getting, but why can the monkey model have shadows that perfectly follow its contours but rolling hills can’t? Aren’t rolling hills just the same thing as a different scale?

@John if I made the terrain out of craft planes instead of as a single model, each individual plane would catch shadows on its own, right? So that could work?

But I’m still curious: why can the built-in models have contour shading but the hand-made models can’t?