Make an App like Anima Toon with Codea, Is it a crazy idea? I want to try it.

Recently saw a particularly easy to use voxel model animation software Anima Toon, simple interface, easy to operate, and animation effect is very good.

I found that its model editor was in some ways not even as complex as CODEA’s built-in sample program, so I wondered if I could copy one with Codea At least make the model editor first.

I have to admit, it was @UberGoober who inspired me. He wanted to do a wandering project in the forest, and I think I should have a small goal like him.

I plan to start using the built-in Codea modules, such as Touch Module, camera module, UI module and so on, based on the @John 's sample project Voxel Editor, and I hope to get @John’s permission to use these code, the goal of the first phase is to create a stand-alone model editor, along the lines of Anima Toon, with additional features(such as list all the models, save/load menu, etc.) to make it more user-friendly.

About Anima Toon

Its Voxel Model Editor

Its Animation Editor

The voxel editor with Codea:

Based on the built-in sample program, the integration of the UI, with basic functions.

Neat, you loaded my castle! Why didn’t the colors load?

The built-in voxel editor code is incomplete in several ways: redo doesn’t work, and mirroring doesn’t work, for example.

My modification of the voxel editor fills in those gaps, so you could grab that code from mine if you don’t want want to have to rewrite it on your own. Yours looks like it’s going to be way more robust, so by all means take anything you want from mine.

Oh and that visual save/load browser is SWEEET. Would you mind sharing the code for that? It’s top-notch.

@UberGoober Indeed, the built-in sample program is not complete, I completed some, intend to use your redo code, thank you for sharing.
My code is a bit cluttered at the moment, full of experimental code and comments, using two different versions of the UI library, so I’ll share the code as I sort it out.

The save function is from @SugarRay 's objc sample, and the load function is from the built-in sample(Inventory class)

Here is the color castle, I imported it.