Major Problem With Dropbox

So I’m trying to import files from dropbox, and when I sync it to codea, my assets come up blank. No audio, no images, nothing. And I’ve used images from Dropbox before…can anyone explain what’s wrong or assist?

Are you able to try removing some assets from Dropbox on your computer (so that you have only a few files) and try unlink your account in Codea, then try the sync again?

If you are able to narrow it down to a particular file or directory causing issues that would be very appreciated.

@simeon, @luatee gave me this workaround and it works…

Luatee 10:58AM
What you need to do (have the dropbox app installed):

1) Go to, copy your codea folder in Dropbox/Apps

2) Go to Codea, unlink dropbox. Close Codea.

3) Go to, go to settings under your Dropbox name then go to security.

4) Hit the cross next to Codea removing the link in Dropbox.

5) Go to Codea and link with Dropbox again and then confirm it in Dropbox (you should have the app pop up asking to confirm).

6) Put your assets back in to Dropbox/Apps/Codea.

7) Hit sync.

The issue comes from uploading voice memos onto Dropbox (in order to use recordings in Codea) if that helps.

@Invad3rZIM so if voice memos are in Dropbox, it breaks? Thank you for that I’ll look into a fix for the next version.